Pharmaceutical firm COVAX has confirmed the supply of Covid-19 vaccines in Kenya by the end of February.

In a report released on Wednesday, Kenya is listed among the countries that will get the recommended vaccines as per the WHO Emergency Use Listing Procedure.

Kenya will receive 4,176,000 doses while Uganda will receive3,552,000 doses of the vaccines in the region.

Elsewhere, Rwanda will receive 996,000 doses.

Somalia will receive 1,224,000 while Sudan is set to receive 3,396,000 doses compared to 864,000 to be distributed to South Sudan.

Ethiopia is the country that is set to receive the highest number of doses in the region, which 8,928,000.

Tanzania is the only country in the region that has not ordered the vaccine and is not on the list of the countries recognized by the COVAX facility.

After the COVAX vaccine, additional doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine will be available in the second quarter.

As per the MOH guidelines, the vaccines will be available to the more vulnerable groups led by health workers, teachers, and students.

Besides the WHO supply, the government is in talks with China to get a different brand of the vaccine.