The Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) has come up with a new innovative measure to fight water cartels in the city.

NMS is currently, working on a mobile application that will lock out extortionist gangs out of the water vending business.

NMS Director-General Mohamed Badi says the App will operate like the Uber platform where a resident is able to order water from bowsers near them.

Through the app, users will be able to see the number of water bowsers available in a specific area, where they can collect water and the amount to be paid for the volume queried.

“With the App, you will be able to order for water bowsers just like you do for an Uber ride. Once you log into the App it show you where the vendor has sourced the their water to ensure safety,” said Maj Gen Badi.

“This will eliminate the exorbitant prices charged by water vendors across the capital city as well as make sure there is a standard way of ordering for the water as and when one needs is at home,” he added.

The NMS boss said the move was a response to concerns from residents, mostly from low-income neighborhoods who pay the highest cost for water delivery by the vendors.

NMS reckons with the App, it will be able to deliver up to Sh18 in cost savings to these residents.

This comes after the NMS through a Kenya Gazette required all water vendors using bowsers within the metropolitan areas to apply for registration and undergo strict vetting and licensing before being given the go-ahead to operate.

For years, the city has suffered the effects of water cartels who are known to switch off water to supply in some estates.