Suba North Member of Parliament Millie Odhiambo has weighed in on Deputy President William Ruto’s hustler narrative, noting that the latter has never hustled in his life, and as such, he cannot relate to the struggles of less privileged Kenyans.

Speaking during an interview on KTN News on Thursday, Milly noted that he was with Ruto at University of Nairobi, and is certain that the DP never sold chicken as he claims.

The vocal legislator further noted that immediately after leaving campus, the DP started cruising in big cars, while his peers and former classmate were struggling to make ends meet.

“Let me disabuse the notion that the DP is a hustler or ever sold chicken, and if indeed he sold chicken, he sold it as a hobby…I happen to have been in the same class and year with him at the University of Nairobi.

“He was with me in the Christian Union, this notion that this is a guy who struggled and was so poor really is a lot of ballooning, I can tell the Deputy President immediately we left University… would be cruising passing by in vehicles written Youth for Kanu 92, so he has never hustled,” she said.

On several occasions, the DP has divulged that he is a hustler, noting that he had to sell chicken at his village in Sugoi in order to make ends meet.

His chicken-selling story has, however, been questioned by several leaders who argued that there is no way one can be a billionaire from selling chicken.