Vihiga elders have ousted their council chairman Fred Omido after he hosted ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

Odinga had met youth from Vihiga for a consultative forum on BBI at Sosa Cottages.

Omido was ousted by at least 24 members of the Vihiga County Council of Elders who met on Thursday. They elected Rev Simon Muhindi to replace Mr. Omido whom they accused of acting outside the council's political position.

The decision to oust Omido was communicated by acting secretary Solomon Busaka, who said 24 elders had endorsed the resolution.

By Friday, Omido was fighting to remain at the helm of the council. He rubbished his ouster and replacement, saying it was not binding.

Vihiga County Council of Elders is an affiliate of the Western Region Council of Elders that is chaired by veteran politician Philip Masinde.

Mr. Omido hosted Mr. Odinga during the forum by the Western Youth Front to campaign for the BBI and the planned referendum.

The elders said their mandate is to foster integration, cohesion, harmony, unity, and peace among communities.

"We have no time for divisive and partisan elements who come to sow discord in our county. Today, we denounce the continued fraud by Fred Omido. We reiterate that Omido is not the Chairman of Vihiga County Council of Elders," said Mr. Busaka.

He added: "We, therefore, caution those dealing with Fred Omido. Whatever decisions, agreements or promises made by the said fraudster are null and void."

But the embattled Omido said he was unstoppable.

"I hear some people have removed me. Their decision is like a frog's noise which cannot stop a cow from drinking water. I will continue serving as chairman. I make my political decisions as a member of ODM," said Mr. Omido.

The Rev Muhindi said the move to replace Mr. Omido is key to ensuring that elders are careful about the steps and decisions they take.