Soy Member of Parliament (MP) Caleb Kositany has disclosed that the expelled six Jubilee senators including Isaac Mwaura and Millicent Omanga, will appeal the decision by the party. 

Speaking to a local station during an interview, the legislator questioned why Maina Kamanda, a nominated MP campaigned for an ODM candidate in the Kibra by-election but nothing has been done to him.

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The MP noted that the Jubilee party was on its way down but they would help the six nominated senators appeal the decision to ensure they get justice and fairness. 

"Tomorrow (Tuesday) we will be appealing this decision by the Jubilee party and we will explore all the legal channels to ensure they get fairness and justice. We ask of the Jubilee party, those running the party to exercise tolerance," Kositany stated. 

The legislator, who is allied to Deputy President William Ruto, noted that the Jubilee party was already dead. 

"We have already left Jubilee, it's just not on pen and paper. I am not a member of that Party, it is now a dead Party," Kositany declared. 

Soy Member of Parliament (MP) Caleb Kositany 

In a rejoinder, Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju mentioned that the party had exercised enough patience with the expelled senators. 

"We have exercised a lot of patience with members to give them a chance to support the BBI but a time comes when we say enough is enough," Tuju said. 

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The rest of the nominated senators who were expelled include Mary Yiane, Waqo Naomi, Jilo Prengei Victor, and Iman Falhada Dekow. 

On her part, Omanga appeared defiant following the expulsion from the Jubilee party stating that she was 'going nowhere.'

"I've not received official communication from Jubilee party on my purported expulsion, and 5 other colleagues, from the party. Just seen it on the media. Assume it's true, it's a stark reminder of the desperation of those who've held the party hostage. We're going nowhere!" she tweeted.