Renowned Kenyan gospel musician and minister Reuben Kigame has condemned Kisumu Senator Fred Outa over his remarks at the ODM Lower Nyanza meeting that was held in Kisumu on Monday.

During the meeting, Senator Outa appeared to worship Raila Odinga, likening the ODM leader to the Biblical Jesus Christ and himself to the disciples.

Like the disciples were given the great commission to go out and baptize the masses, Outa noted that his mission is to go out and preach the BBI gospel.

His remark did not augur well with Kigame who reminded him that “God cannot be mocked”.

“I strongly condemn yesterday’s blasphemy by Hon Outa: ‘Baba I am your disciple and I have come to this meeting to be filled with the holy spirit of BBI so that I can go and preach the gospel to all Kenya beginning with Jerusalem which is Kisumu.’ Warning: God cannot be mocked!” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, the lower Nyanza Luo leaders unanimously declared the support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

"Lower Nyanza has spoken emphatically, they're anticipating the gains that will be realized, from the proposed constitutional amendments.

"They endorse and support the Nine Principles on which the BBI referendum Bill is anchored on and the envisaged constitutional changes," the former premier tweeted after the meeting,” Odinga said after the meeting.

At the same time, Deputy President William Ruto hosted more than 100 MPs, Senators at his Karen residence.

DP Ruto gave an update on the issues discussed that include security and rule of law.

"Discussed the shift of our national discourse from the retrogressive and divisive politics of tribe to a new conversation that is inclusive and centred on people empowerment. Also on our table of engagement were the issues of security and the rule of law," the DP's tweet read.