A 17-year-old student at King David Kamama High school in Embu County was on Tuesday found in possession of a live bullet resembling that of an AK-47 firearm, amid the rising cases of social ills in schools.

The student was among several others arrested after the school management quailed an attempt to torch down a dormitory at the institution.

Media reports indicate that a security officer at the institution was making rounds when he noticed smoke emanating from one of the dormitories.

As the security officer was rushing to establish the source of the fire, he saw a student fleeing from one of the dormitories.

At the dormitory, he found burning papers stashed under the bed and immediately alerted the school principal who summoned all the students to the assembly section.

The security officer managed to identify the student who started the fire and he was arrested.

Meanwhile, the school principal ordered for a detailed search of all students, and it is at this point that one of the pupils was found having a live bullet in his pocket.

Area police boss Daniel Rukunga noted that the bullet is 7.62 millimeters and matches that of an AK-47 rifle.

It is not clear how the student managed to get the bullet, considering that AK-47 rifles are heavy weapons accessible to police and other disciplined forces in the country.

The student is in custody as police investigate the incident.

Meanwhile, cases of social ills in schools have been on the rise in the country with several dormitories being torched over the past month.

The government and the police service has warned students against engaging in such acts, adding that those caught will be dealt with in accordance to the law.