ODM leader Raila Odinga has finally addressed jabs by his political opponents who refer to him as a witch doctor.

The former Prime Minister dismissed his rival's take on who a witch doctor is saying that the title could mean a traditional healer and he didn't mind being referred to as such.

Speaking on Tuesday, February 9, in Homa Bay during the ordination of Bishop Michael Odiwa, the Opposition leader affirmed that he was a true and devout Christian.

"I'm a Christian, those who refer to me as mtu wa vitendawili na mganga (a witch doctor) should stop. A witch doctor is a person who treats people. Even though I don't mind being called one, I want to be known as a true Christian," said Raila.

Raila rallied the church to support the BBI noting that their backing is needed as it continues to play an integral role in promoting harmony and unity.

BBI & Church

“They (church) have stood for what is right. That is why we want the church by our side as a partner (in BBI) process. We really want to walk this journey with the church,” Raila stated.

He further noted that he was aware that the church has raised a number of issues regarding the current BBI constitutional draft but disclosed that he alongside President Uhuru Kenyatta were ready to negotiate with the church if there are issues that it feels must be addressed before a referendum is called.

“When we did the handshake, we formed a task force and we appointed some of the prominent church leaders to be part of it. We are surprised when issues are raised by the church now.” he poised.