Ministry of Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has encouraged Kenyans to embrace the culture of donating blood.

Speaking on Wednesday at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), Kagwe noted that as we move closer to Valentine’s Day, Kenyans should consider replacing flowers with blood donations.

He noted that most Kenyans have sufficient blood, and should consider donating to help those in need. According to him, donating blood is the most fantastic gift you can offer this Valentine’s Day.

“As we head for Valentine’s Day, what I would like to say, is that if there is a gift that would be a fantastic gift to give Kenyans on Valentines Day it would be blood. So, I am asking if there is somebody who wants to give you flowers for Valentine’s Day, can you tell them in addition to the flowers I very much appreciate, would you also go and donate blood.

“…If you have to choose between receiving flowers his Valentine day or receiving a certificate of blood donation, tell them to forfeit the flowers, give me a certificate of blood donation. For me that is a fantastic Valentine's gift,” he said.

CS Kagwe noted that blood donation is not harmful to the donor, adding that those who donate blood have improved health.