President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday made a surprising stop to address Nairobi residents after finishing his engagement at the National Cargo Deconsolidation Centre (NCDC-Nairobi).

The Head of State lectured Nairobians for being against the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Bill stating that the report has given Nairobi more constituencies.

"If we have a BBI that says the people of Nairobi will have more constituencies and if it's bursaries a child in Mathare who today receives Ksh500, how will that child study up to university level," President Kenyatta posed.

"But there is another child who gets Ksh100,000 in Bursday per year is that right?... BBI is not for helping Raila or Uhuru it is for you," he continued.

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Uhuru further disclosed that he has no plans to rule after his term is over and his interest is in finishing the job that Kenyans elected him to do.

Kenyatta said the Government is committed to continually creating a conducive environment for small-scale traders to prosper.

The President said his desire is to see micro, small and medium enterprises growing and creating employment for the many unemployed Kenyan youth.

He had visited the NCDC-Nairobi where he made a follow-up inspection of the Government warehouse which was recently expanded from a capacity of five 40-foot containers to fifteen such containers, serving approximately 400 small-scale traders a day.