There was drama on Friday at a Kenya Defence Forces recruitment exercise in Malindi after one of the participants turned violent and threatened to assault the officers in-charge.

Trouble began when the young man was taken to a KDF ambulance for medical assistance, only for him to storm out and start threatening fellow participants and officers.

“Mnafanya nini hapa? Ikifika saa tisa bado mko hapa mtajua mini ni nani (What are you doing here? If you’re still here at three o’clock you will know who I am),” he shouted.

KDF officers in charge were forced to swing in to action and whisk the young man away from recruitment ground.

The officers put him on a drip medication where eventually stabilised as the exercise continued.

The potential recruit being escorted by KDF officers. [Photo: Alphonce Gari]

Speaking to a local publication, the officer in-charge of the recruitment exercise Lt Col Christine Kuria noted that Malindi had provided the biggest turnout compared to other Coastal towns.

According to Lt Col Christine Kuria, KDF is keen to recruit more females to the military this year.

“Most of the youth who turned out for the exercise met the educational requirements for recruitment but only a limited number will be taken according to the current human resource requirements,” she said.