Former Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama has broken his silence following an ugly spat with Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka during a funeral service.

Muthama nearly engaged Kalonzo in a fistfight following the latter’s remarks on the ex-wife Agnes Kavindu.

On Friday, Muthama alleged that Kalonzo was in a secret relationship with Kavindu after he divorced her in 1993.

Muthama asked the former vice president to go ahead and marry Kavindu, considering that he is no longer married to her. The UDA chairperson stated that despite the rumors of Kalonzo having a relationship with Kavindu, he kept supporting him.

“I want to tell Kalonzo that Agnes is not my wife, you can go ahead and marry her...we know what you did to your if you want to marry Kavindu go to church or summon Kamba customary laws,” said Muthama.

He claimed that Kalonzo is a weak man and cannot seduce a woman, and he takes advantage of situations by enticing divorced women.

The former senator warned Kalonzo that he should tread carefully, considering that he is hurting the children involved.

In the hard-hitting interview, Muthama said that Kalonzo is living on the pretext of being a diplomat. Muthama warned that he would soon expose Kalonzo for who is he is.

On Wednesday, during the burial of Bernard Nguyu (Machakos Regional Presiding Bishop of AIC) at Mitaboni in Machakos County the two leaders almost fought Kalonzo’s remarks.

Kalonzo, the last leader to address the mourners, took to the podium and threw a jibe at Muthama, saying he “will return Muthama’s wife” after the 2022 general election.

“I am telling you that next year, you will see Muthama running to perch on my chest because he knows where we are and where we are going. Even if he gets irritated, I’ll hand over his wife (Kavindu) back to him,” Kalonzo said.

Muthama then swiftly rose from his seat, charged, and headed straight to the Wiper leader. He was restrained by leaders sitting next to him.