Siaya Senator James Orengo has opined that Deputy President William Ruto and his allies will not resign from the government despite being dared by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In a tweet on Saturday night, Orengo argued that the leaders are keen on destroying the Jubilee party, and as such, they’ll only leave when the ruling outfit is destroyed.

“They won’t quit. They are driven by a destructive Samson and Delilah complex to bring the entire Jubilee citadel down and walk out without scars. Quixotic and not an existential threat, if you ask me,” Orengo tweeted while responding to an article on President Kenyatta’s daring message to his deputy.

Speaking in Uthiru on Friday, the President questioned why leaders are double speaking on development matters yet they are firmly in government.

“... for a leader to keep employing doublespeak whenever he is addressing Kenyans... on one hand he is saying the government has failed and on the other hand he is saying we as a government has done this and that development,” the president said.

“That is doublespeak, you can’t be speaking of the failures of a government where you serve while at the same time outlining what you refer to as we have achieved as a government. You better resign,” he opined.

Reacting to the president’s remark, Ruto reminded the Head of State that he is the only one who stood with him when he needed a friend.

“Akufaaye kwa dhiki ndio rafiki (a friend in need is a friend indeed)… When Uhuru needed a friend to stand with him, when no one else wanted to support him because of the ICC cases, or because his father was president, or because he came from Mt. Kenya, I was the one who did,” he said.