An unidentified Kenyan police officer has caused a stir online for smoking what appears to be marijuana.

The officer, in his full work attire, is seen smoking the substance while making gestures at the camera.

Notably, the officer appears to be high as he seems to be enjoying the substance.

Following the surfacing of the undated video, Kenyans online have come out to praise him with a majority stating it's time to legalize marijuana.

Some even went ahead to plead with Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai not to fire him. Here is the video of the incident: 


“Now this cool officer will lose his job. @IG_NPS dont fire him,” said @BarackWaluvengo

“A policeman, while wearing Police uniform, is NOT allowed to smoke anything, including cigarettes ! That's the Kenyan Law "Police Act" So either way, he is in big trouble... (amechoka na kazi) @DCI_Kenya @IG_NPS,” said @2015ArthurM

“This guy deserves a promotion!,” said @MutaiWes

“I don't see anything wrong here,” said @jeffreynganga

“The guts and balls this officer has, should be promoted to @IG_NPS with immediate effect,” said @Techwhizz2

“Matiang’i will strip that boy off his uniform and gun tomorrow and by jioni he’ll be in Mumias never to come back to the Service. Wanna bet?,” said @BenjiNdolo

“Hawa ndio wale wakikupata tym ya curfew wanakuelekeza paka mpesa agent…,” said @sochroniqx.

“uzuri kwa video hatuwezi nusa harufu, atasema alikuwa anavuta majani chai na hakuna mahali mtampeleka,” said @pewa_moja

Over the recent past, the debate on marijuana legalization in Kenya has taken center stage with several leaders maintaining its time the government decriminalized the substance.

A recent study by the National Agency for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA), indicates that incidences of cannabis consumption were higher among men, the unemployed, and those residing in more developed areas, although consumption in rural areas was also increasing.

Cannabis consumption is illegal in Kenya, with offenders facing up to eight years of imprisonment.