Police spokesman Charles Owino announced that he will retire from service in December.

Speaking on Tuesday, February 16 2021, Owino said he will be preparing to run for the Siaya governor’s seat in the 2022 polls.

Earlier in the month, Owino announced that he’ll be contesting for the Siaya Gubernatorial seat in 2022

He was addressing ODM delegates in Siaya County when he fronted himself as the best man for the job, adding that anyone who goes up against him will become politically irrelevant.

Owino explained to the delegates that his interest in politics was inspired by the fact that he’ll soon be retiring from the police office service.

“I never wanted to declare my political interest here today but because my father has reminded me who I am, you are aware that next year people will declare interests in various positions and as a person who has worked in government, my age will have clocked 50 which allows me to resign," the police spokesperson said.

Joining ODM

The police spokesperson also hinted at joining the Orange Democratic Party which enjoys support in Siaya and the Nyanza region as the home turf of former Premier Raila Odinga.

According to him, he has not been associating with ODM due to the nature of his job that requires impartiality.

“I know that the seat will attract many contestants including Senator Orengo and I hope he and other potential contenders are much prepared for the race or else they will be disappointed at the ballot box…," Owino said.

"I have worked in the police service and I am prepared to win. I am your son and I have in the past not been close to ODM and its elected leaders due to the nature of my work and now that they are in the system, I have sat with and enjoyed the leaders’ company,” he added.