Deputy President William Ruto at a past event. [Courtesy]

A section of Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leaders from Kisumu County have warned Deputy President William Ruto not to insult former Prime Minister Raila Odinga during his planned Nyanza visit.

Led by Kisumu ODM Chairman Prof. Ayiecho Olweny, the leaders noted that Nyanza is Odinga’s stronghold, and as such any verbal attacks against him may not be received well by the locals.

Prof Olweny further noted that the DP is welcomed in the region, but should mind his words.

Kisumu ODM Chair Prof Ayiecho Olweny at a past interview. [Courtesy]

“If someone insults your friend, your father, your associate, you won’t be happy. We always watch him (DP Ruto) on television insulting the [ODM] Party leader. We are requesting him not to do that when he tours Kisumu.

 “If he decides to insult the party leader, most likely, his utterances would cause problems at the function. Chances are high that some people who will attend his event won’t be his supporters, but those of the [former] prime minister. They would be at his function out of curiosity or just to listen to what he has to say. Therefore, if he insults the party leader in their presence, they might yell at him, and that won’t be good,” Prof Olweny said during an interview with K24 on Friday.

Take DP Ruto's Goodies

According to the Prof, the residents should take any goodies offered by the DP, as that does not mean that they support him.

“If he brings goodies, take them but that does not mean that everyone who attends that function is his supporter," he opined.

Reports indicate that the DP is planning to visit the Nyanza region especially Kisumu County, but no date or official itinerary has been shared.