Deputy President William Ruto's 2022 presidential ambitions are shaping up the country's politics as he steers on a train off the station where everyone else is waiting for an opportune time.

The DP will this week spend time in parts of South Nyanza and Western Kenya where ODM leader Raila Odinga has been historically endeared by the voters.

Ruto is scheduled to hold a fundraiser in Kisii County and later on Sunday preside over a similar event in Kakamega County.

The events come barely a week after his visit to Murang'a County turned chaotic with area leaders facing arrests over alleged use of goons to cause chaos.

Kisii County Deputy Speaker Joash Maangi is expected to host the Deputy President in Kenyenya Sub-county, Kisii on Friday. Last month, the DP was in Kisii for a fundraiser for bodaboda operators in an event that turned Kisii town into an ugly scene.

Just like in Murang'a, Ruto flew to Kisii town, despite the chaos and running battles between police and two rival groups of youth who clashed ahead of his arrival.

His allies in the two areas accused leaders allied to the handshake outfit of hiring goons to disrupt the DP's events.

On Sunday, Ruto will be in Kakamega County where former National Assembly Whip Benjamin Washiali will be hosting him.

Washiali will host the deputy president at St Leo Catholic Church for prayers and a funds drive in Mumias East Constituency.

In all his events, the DP is always accompanied by a contingent of parliamentarians who use the platforms to declare support for his bid to succeed President Kenyatta.

Leaders have warned the DP against early campaigns with NCIC cautioning that the country is at risk of polarization ahead of the next general elections.

“This spectre of violence and vandalism in the name of a presidential election that is over two years away, should be a serious cause for concern to all peace-loving Kenyans.

“If this continues, and it easily can, it could spiral out of control and we will stagnate as a country, as the government will not deliver much in the remaining two years. Out of fear and anxiety, our citizens will shift their priorities from rebuilding the country to an election that is way far,” stated ODM leader Raila Odinga on Monday.