Deputy President Wiliam Ruto has said he does not expect any endorsement from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking on Sunday in Malava, Kakamega county, Ruto said that he doesn't want to be given the presidency by anybody.

Ruto’s sentiments come after it became clear that he will not be receiving support from President Uhuru following the Jubilee fallout.

Ruto indirectly took a swipe at President Uhuru who had declared that he would not hand over the country to thieves, something political analysts believe was targeting Ruto and his team.

"Others are waiting for endorsement; I'm waiting for the endorsement from the voter. There are those waiting to be given the presidency; I'm waiting to receive the presidency from the people. They have the mandate" said Ruto.

In an earlier address, President Uhuru had affirmed that he seeks to leave powers to trustworthy people.

According to the Head of State, he will not hand over power to people who will harass and steal from Kenyans.

"My aim is to ensure that all who will take from me will not be thieves and harass citizens. My aim is to make sure that they will have the urge to unite the country. Tell those who are insulting me, I do not care. My purpose is to serve Kenyans. I will ensure I fulfill my promise to them," declared Uhuru

Ruto further maintained that those vying for the presidency should showcase their track record and let the people make the decision.

He stated among the potential presidential candidates for next year; he is the only one who stands out.

The DP took a swipe at ODM leader Raila Odinga, Wiper's Kalonzo Musyoka, and ANC's Musalia Mudavadi challenging them to show their accomplishments.