Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has opened up on the challenges he faced growing up, noting that at one point he worked as a tout to make ends meet.

Speaking during a recent interview, Sakaja noted that he also worked as a cook and a petrol station attendant, but working as a matatu tout was his worst job.

“Job ya matatu kama makanga tu, it started as a joke, I would hang out with these guys wa matatu back when we were staying in Imara Daima. I was very young, Matatu za Imara zinakuwanga Afya Centre, when the first one goes, I was the one to move all of them, then eventually I struck a rapport with these guys and was given a job ,” he said.

The Senator urged young people to give their best whenever they get an opportunity, arguing that you never know who is watching.

According to Sakaja, his work ethic while serving as a driver for a prominent Nairobi businessman, helped him grow in the ranks to become one of the most loved politicians in the city.

Addressing 2022 politics, Sakaja rubbished those pushing him to contest for governorship outside Nairobi.

According to the Senator, he has lived his entire life in the city and therefore has every right to contest in Nairobi.