ODM Leader Raila Odinga appears to be still in a celebratory mood after 38 county assemblies passed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Bill on Tuesday.

In a tweet on Wednesday morning, Odinga set social media ablaze after revealing that he was listening to Busy Signal’s ‘Reggae Music Again’ song.

“I woke up to Busy Signal’s- Reggae Music Again hit… “Peace and love for every day” What are you listening to?” he tweeted.

It is worth noting that all through the BBI sensitization campaigns, the handshake team used Lucky Dube’s ‘No One Can Stop Reggae’ hit, and now that the county assemblies have passed the BBI Bill, the focus has shifted to ‘Reggae Music Again’ indicating that the BBI debate is back in full swing.

Odinga’s tweet elicited massive reactions with some netizens questioning if he was the one running the account, while other shared the songs they were listening to.

Here are some of the reactions: