Former Chief Justice David Maraga has sued lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi for defamation. 

This is after Ahmednassir tweeted that Maraga was concealing a corruption scandal at the Supreme Court. 

In his suit,  Maraga notes that he is an elder of the Seventh Day Adventist Church the lawyer had insinuated that he (Maraga) was not a person of good character.

According to the senior counsel, Maraga was silent on alleged corruption in court even though it described him as a decent and honest Kenyan.

However, the former Chief Justice states that the words of the senior counsel were intended to portray him as a dishonest, indecent Kenyan who was aware of senior judges who had collected an Sh220 million bribe.

Maraga, adds that the tweet intends to show that he committed a criminal offense by failing to report allegations of bribery and corruption in the Judiciary.

The former CJ who is represented Tripple O  says the accusations are false and were presented as the absolute truth clearly to disparage and injure his character.

“The said publication was both reckless and malicious in the extreme and was designed and intended to inflict maximum reputational damage on the plaintiff (Maraga),” read the suit papers filed by the former CJ through the law firm of Tripple O.

He questions why the lawyer did not file any legal suit with relevant authorities yet he had the information. Maraga, therefore, maintains that Ahmednassir is liable for harm occasioned to his reputation.

He now wants the court to make a declaration that the tweet complained off is defamatory.

Maraga wants the court to bar the lawyer permanently from making any defamatory statements against him.