Police are investigating a bizarre incident where the body of a man was found in Lukenya Hills near the gate of Daystar University.

The man is suspected to have committed suicide with police collecting his remains that were partly feasted on by what is believed to be a hyena.

The incident was confirmed by Athi River Sub-County Police Commander George Kashmir.

Kashmir said that next to the body, there was a dead hyena that is believed to have feasted on the body.

According to authorities, the deceased had two weeks ago, warned his family that he would commit suicide.

“He told his kinsmen that should he go missing for days, then they should go look for his body on Lukenya Hills,” said Kashmir.

The OCPD said preliminary investigations indicate that the deceased took poison, which killed him hence explaining the death of the hyena.

“Today morning we found two human bones at Luvai area on Lukenya Hills. Next to the bones, were tattered and bloody clothes, which we believe belong to the deceased. A few meters away, lay the body of hyena, whom we suspect feasted on the deceased’s remains, and because the man had taken poison, the dangerous substance killed the animal as well,” said Kashmir.

Remains of the deceased were taken to Shalom Hospital morgue in Athi River.