Ex-Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s doctor has told the court that her patient needs an urgent hip replacement surgery provided in South Africa.

According to Dr. Esther Wekesa from Kenyatta National Hospital, Sonko has developed severe arthritis, thus the need for urgent surgery to replace his hip.

Explaining why she chose South Africa instead of a Kenyan hospital, Dr. Wekesa noted that the country has one of the best specialists in such cases; Dr. Robert Van Der Plank who has accepted to handle Sonko’s case.

She further noted that Dr. Plank is not open to travelling to Kenya, thus the decision to request for Sonko’s leave to seek treatment in South Africa.

"If left untreated, avascular necrosis can lead to severe complications such as bone collapse or even fracture.

"I have spoken with Dr. Plank on phone and email about taking up the case but he has not been to Kenya in the last 2 years and says he won't be coming anytime soon," Dr. Wekesa said.

The ex-Nairobi governor has been in hospital for two weeks now. He was admitted early this month while in custody following his arrest over claims of violence, destruction of property, and terror-related changes.

If the leave is granted, Sonko’s case at the Kahawa Law Courts will have to be put on hold until he jets backs after his surgery.

Currently, the case has been differed severally owing the Sonko’s illness.