Narc-Kenya Party leader Martha Karua has hit out at the proponents of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) referendum over failure to print copies of the Bill and avail to Kenyans.

In a Twitter thread on Friday night, Martha Karua claimed the BBI team could be planning to sneak in new clauses as the referendum approaches, thus the reason why copies have not been availed.

According to the Senior Counsel, Kenyans are facing a wide range of issues ranging from hunger to accessing quality healthcare, thus BBI cannot be priority now.

She further noted that it is unconstitutional for proponents of the BBI to expect Kenyans to pass the Bill without reading it.

Here's her full statement:

The independence constitution was mutilated multiple times by the ruling elite until it became unrecognizable, the 2010 constitution is similarly under threat of being cannibalized thro unconstitutional means.

One of the reasons copies of the proposed constitutional amendments bill are not being availed we suspect is to facilitate sneaking in of mischievous clauses as the referendum approaches.

Millions of Kenyans are hungry and at risk of starvation if adequate measures are not taken urgently. This is one priority where we must direct all available resources not to mention our broken health and education systems.

Expecting people to endorse what they have not seen is not only a violation of the constitution but also usurpation of people’s voice and power to make informed choices.