Soy Member of Parliament Caleb Kositany has reversed his earlier statement of not challenging his ouster from being deputy secretary-general of Jubilee Party.

Speaking on Monday after being removed from the post, Kositany said he accepts the move and will not challenge it, adding that he will now focus more on strengthening the United Democratic Alliance party.

“Jubilee has become a monologue party, a party that has no respect for democracy, no respect for the truth. To speak the truth is a crime in the Jubilee party.

"I will now concentrate on United Democratic Alliance affairs and serving the people of Soy," Kositany declared.

However, speaking during an interview on Tuesday, Kositany noted that he’ll petition his removal arguing that due process was not followed.

“According to the Jubilee Party constitution, the National Management Committee does not have the authority to kick me out. I can only be removed if the NEC meets and form a disciplinary committee which will summon me before taking any action… In that, I will petition, not because I want to remain in Jubilee but to demand the right procedure.

“They cannot remove me. I am an elected MP and not nominated. If they failed to kick away those who were nominated, how could they eject me? He questioned.

In a statement on Monday, Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju announced Kositany's ouster as the deputy sec-gen and replaced him with Joshua Kutuny.

"The Jubilee Party National Management Committee met today - 1st March 2020. at the party headquarters, and in exercise of its mandate as provided for under Article 7 (2) of the Jubilee party constitution removed Hon Caleb Kositany from the position Deputy Secretary-General with immediate effect," part of the statement read.