Ex-Nairobi County boss Mike Sonko has suffered a setback in court after Anti-Corruption Court Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti declined his application seeking to have him recuse himself from hearing a fraud case against Sonko.

In a ruling on Thursday, Ogoti noted that no sufficient evidence has been tabled before him to prove the allegations of bias leveled against him.

The case before the court is one where the ex-governor is accused of misappropriating Sh14 million during his tenure at City Hall.

“The applicant having been represented by able lawyers instead of filing an appeal opted for recusal, this is a conduct meant to threaten a judicial officer.

“I do find no evidence of bias and hereby dismiss the application for it has no merit,” Magistrate Ogoti ruled.

Following the ruling, the Magistrate proceeded with the hearing and allowed the prosecution to adduce new evidence in the case against Sonko.

This did not augur well with Sonko’s lawyers, creating an exchange between the magistrate and the governor’s defense team.

“The same way this court holds the party with respect is the same way the court demands respect from the parties. They must submit to the rule of law,” stated Magistrate Ogoti.

The hearing of the case is set to resume on March 15, 2021.