A number of legislators drawn from the National Assembly’s Security and Administration Committee are planning to visit Thailand for a benchmark trip on how to curb rising insecurity in the boda boda sector.

Speaking on Thursday, the committee’s chairman, Kiambaa MP Paul Koinange said the trip is meant to empower the legislators on how to better manage the boda boda industry.

Justifying the decision to visit Thailand, Koinange noted that the country has more motorbikes and has managed to effectively control the sector, thus the need to understand how they do it.

“My committee is planning to travel to Thailand to also learn more, benchmark about boda boda because places like Thailand they have more motorbikes,” Koinange said.

Meanwhile, a government report released a couple of months ago indicated that armed gangs have infiltrated the boda boda industry and are using it to attack and rob innocent persons.

According to the report, the transport sub-sector poses a major threat to the national security as armed robbers have resorted to using boda bodas to executing their crimes.

“Like the matatu industry that at one time was infiltrated by lethal gangs like Mungiki, there is fear that boda bodas could be heading the matatu route if adequate policy interventions are not implemented in good time,” the report read in part.