A man whose motive still remains unknown on Friday snatched a gun from a traffic police officer in Kisumu before shooting indiscriminately killing and injuring others.

Two people have been confirmed dead, while two others including the traffic officer are in critical condition.

Reports indicate that the officer was shot in the stomach, while the other victim; an unidentified woman was shot in the thigh.

According to witnesses, the man shot anyone that tried blocking his way as he escaped from officers responding to the shooting.

The assailant was pursued, killed and gun recovered.

Kisumu residents gathered at the scene of the incident. [Photo: Courtesy]

The traffic police officer was manning Jomo Kenyatta highway roundabout at Kisumu Boy's junction.

The incident caused drama and tension in Kisumu, as residents going about their normal duties scampered for safety following a series of gunshots from the assailant.

Neither the Kisumu police, nor the National Police Service has issued a statement on the shooting.