East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) Member of Parliament Oburu Odinga has stated that nothing is stopping his younger brother and ODM leader Raila Odinga from working with Deputy President William Ruto. 

Speaking on Friday during an interview, Oburu mentioned that Odinga and Ruto are not enemies but what they had is differences in approach. 

While Oburu acknowledged that nothing was in the offing at the moment, he noted that if the need arose for the two to work together, nothing would stop them. 

"Raila and William Ruto are not enemies, what is there is just the differences in approach and policies. The formations which you're seeing are just the beginning,  many formations will come and if there is a need for them to come together, I don't see anything that is blocking them," Oburu said. 

File Image of Oburu Odinga 

At the same time, the EALA MP said that Odinga was the best candidate to fly the ODM flag in 2022 due to his political experience and the sacrifices he had made for the country. 

Addressing Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho's quest for the presidency in an ODM ticket in 2022, Oburu noted that it was his democratic right. 

“If Joho wins the ODM presidential nominations, we will campaign for him…” he said.

Oburu also said that his elder brother Raila would not need an endorsement from President Uhuru Kenyatta in the run-up to the 2022 election. 

"Raila will not rely on Uhuru’s endorsement, how can he rely on his endorsement when he had won three times without Uhuru? - he posed. 

ODM leader Raila has not declared whether he will run for the presidency in 2022 saying that he will make it clear once the country is done with the building bridges initiative (BBI).