Former Sports CS Rashid Echesa has spoken after he was arrested on allegations of slapping an IEBC official during Thursday's by-election in Matungu.

According to Echesa, his arrest was orchestrated by his political opponents who are against him fr support DP William Ruto's presidential bid.

Echesa maintained that he did not slap the IEBC official claiming that the video was edited to fit a certain narrative.

“Our agents had been thrown out and I wanted to know who had issued instructions to that effect.” he said, “I did not slap anybody," the former Sports CS said.

NCIC Summons

“Throwing me in the cell will not cow me from my conviction that (Dr) Ruto is better placed to become the President of our country in 2022,” he maintained.

The politician pointed out that other leaders had crossed the line during the by-elections and they were not arrested or punished for their actions.

“Senator Cleophas Malala did many bad things on that day but he remains a free man. This is intimidation and but I want to tell my detractors, I am strong," he stated.

“What was the reason for all those officers when I freely presented myself to the police? This is a waste of resources,” he said.

Echesa turned himself in after orders from IG Hillary Mutyambai. Meanwhile, the NCIC has summoned lawmakers who broke the law during the bt-elections and warned that some might lose their seats.