Update 6:03pm : Al-Shabaab has not released the 2 Cuban Doctors they kidnapped in the Border town of Mandera Kenya.

A statement issued by Counter Terrorism & National Security Intelligence indicated that intelligence and military efforts are ongoing to secure their release.

Earlier on, reports by the Associated Press indicated that the two Cuban doctors had been released.

Two Cuban doctors who were abducted by al Shabaab militia in Mandera have been released, according to the Washington Post.

Landy Rodriguez and Herera Correa were kidnapped in a daring road ambush where the gunmen shot and killed one of the police officers guarding the medics.

Reports indicated that the doctors were released over the weekend after months of negotiations with their captors.

It is not clear if there was a ransom that had been paid for their release. The captors had demanded a ransom for their release.


The Associated Press stated that Somali intelligence, acting at the request of the Cuban government, negotiated for the doctors’ release after it obtained a video showing them a few months ago.

Bruno Rodríguez, Cuba’s foreign minister, in a social media post confirmed their release and thanked the Somali government for its help.

Kenyan security officials said they had heard of the release of the two doctors but were not aware of their whereabouts.