ODM party leader Raila Odinga has been admitted to the Nairobi Hospital.

This was confirmed on Wednesday by his brother Oburu Odinga.

Raila is reported to have gone to the hospital on Tuesday where he was checked and discharged from where he proceeded for an overnight stay at his Karen residence.

Oburu Odinga said the ODM leader is awaiting COVID-19 test results.

"The medical test results on COVID had not come out by the time I left last night, but from what I observed I could not see any signs of COVID," Oburu said.

"He doesn't have any pains on the chest or any cough, or anything like that. It was just general fatigue of the body and some joint pains. That is what I could see. But I am not a doctor," he added.

Oburu dismissed reports that Odinga was advised by his doctors to put a stop to a lot of movement.

“There was no such advice. He was feeling quite fine,” he maintained.

In June last year, Raila went on a three-week medical trip to Dubai where he underwent minor hip surgery.