A Woman in Siaya County who was in an abusive marriage and killed her husband was jailed for 1 day.

The court High Court in Siaya noted that the accused-Truphena Aswani- had suffered immensely at the hands of her abusive husband.

Justice Roselyne Aburili noted that Aswani was a victim of domestic violence and was constantly threatened with death by her husband over a Title Deed.

The Judge further said that Aswani was a victim who had been butchered, battered, dehumanized, and violated and still persevered through the domestic violence.

According to court documents Aswani had been admitted to the hospital after she was violently battered by the deceased James Oyengo Obochi during an argument.

He demanded to be handed the Title Deed of a piece of land that had been bequeathed to his wife by his late father.

Judge Aburili said the accused deserved a non-custodial sentence to enable her to get counselling for the traumatic experience.

She further explained that her ruling would also enable others who have suffered a similar fate to have their voices heard.