Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino on Thursday met Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani over the delayed disbursement of HELB money to students.

In a tweet on Thursday, Babu noted that the CS assured him that the funds will be disbursed by latest Friday, March 12, 2021.

According to Babu, Treasury has promised to disburse over two billion shillings.

He, however, noted that should Treasury fail to fulfill its promise, “lethal options” will be used to ensure students receive the funds.

“I have just met CS Treasury who has assured me that students’ money HELB will be disbursed tomorrow without fail (2.83 Billion shillings) But even should it fail then we still have other lethal options of getting the money,” he tweeted.

On Wednesday, HELB CEO Charles Ringera weighed in on the delayed disbursement noting that the board has no money.

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Ringera noted that the students will have to wait as HELB sources for funds to disburse to them.

 “Things are not good. We are waiting for funding from the Exchequer and our collections are not quite good because of the Covid-19 situation. The students will have to be patient and bear with the situation,” said Ringera.

“We were in parliament on Wednesday and we hope things will work out,” he added.

Meanwhile, Moi University students on Wednesday took to the streets demonstrating over the delayed disbursement.

According to one of the university’s student leaders, the comrades are starving and unable to cater for their basic needs.

“We have decided to picket on the streets because our efforts to resolve this matter internally has not succeeded. We will remain on the streets until our cries are heard by those concerned,” the student leader identified as Felix Kwemoi said.