A Nairobi court has summoned Omar Lali and six other witnesses in Tecra Muigai's death inquest.

The magistrate hearing the inquest noted that 11 witnesses had mentioned Lali’s name several times thus issuing the summon.

“Omar Lali has been mentioned severally and therefore important for him to attend. I issue summons for him to appear in court in person or even through his lawyer,” the court ruled.

The Muigai family lawyer Elisha Ongwae said that Lali is a compellable witness and a person of interest in the ongoing inquest.

While making her submissions on Tuesday, the late Tecra’s mother; Tabitha Karanja noted that her daughter sent huge sums of money from her account to that of her then-boyfriend Omar Lali.

Money Transfer

According to Tabitha, Tecra sent Omar Sh150, 000 on August 19, 2019, and a similar amount the next day. On August 28, she transferred another Ksh150,000. On October 18, she sent 100,000 and a similar amount on November 1.

On November 13, 2019, Tecra transferred Sh200,000 to Omar and an additional Sh 100,000 in December the same year. On 3rd March 2020, Tecra sent Lali Sh60,000 and Sh80,000 ten days later.

In addition, her mum noted that other transactions were made via mobile money transfer, taking the cumulative amount transferred to over a million shillings.

Tecra died on May 2 at a Nairobi hospital while undergoing treatment. Reports indicate that she fell off the stairs of a house she was sharing with Omar.