Ex-Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has been discharged from Nairobi hospital after weeks of admission over a stomach related illness.

According to Sonko’s lawyer John Khaminwa, the ex-governor was discharged on Thursday and has been directed by his doctors to rest for at least two weeks.

Sonko was meant to be availed in court immediately after his discharge, but Khaminwa appealed for his client to be arraigned after two weeks.

Khaminwa’s appeal for Sonko’s case to be heard at the end of the month was rejected by the prosecution who wanted a closer hearing date.

The two parties could not agree on a mention date, forcing presiding magistrate Lawrence Mugambi to issue a directive on the same.

In his directive, the magistrate noted that the case will be mentioned on March 22, 2021 at noon.

This means that Sonko has 10 days to rest before availing himself in court for the hearing.

In the case, Sonko and others are accused of conspiracy to defraud the government, money laundering, acquisition of proceeds of crime and conflict of interest.

The former governor is accused of pocketing Sh8.4 million in a contract related to hiting of equipment by the Nairobi City County.