Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Wednesday hit out at Deputy President William Ruto, accusing him of failing to deliver in his position as the second in command.

Speaking at Orange House while handing nomination certificates to candidates for upcoming by-elections, Odinga noted that Ruto has been in government for seven years and has nothing to show regarding improving Kenyans’ livelihood.

According to the Odinga, his ODM party is the key to the challenges facing Kenyans.

“You promised Kenya 500,000 jobs and after seven years there is not a single job. Now you are telling them to take wheelbarrows. For us, we have solutions; we must teach our people how to overcome poverty.

“We are the ones holding the flag of reforms in this country. There are some who are claiming that they have been part of this revolution but their history is known,” Odinga said as quoted by The Star.

DP Ruto vows to continue distributing wheelbarrows

Meanwhile, DP Ruto has vowed to continue empowering the youth with wheelbarrows and other tools despite facing criticism.

“The problem with Kenya is that many leaders are detached from the problems facing ordinary people. They despise them for their small beginnings and do not see the small businesses as being important… People are angry with us when we give out wheelbarrows, carts, salon equipment and other items to young people and women. They know jobless people are easy to mobilise to demonstrate on their behalf,” Ruto said.