ODM Leader Raila Odinga’s family, staff and close political aides have tested negative for Covid-19 after they were subjected to testing having been in contact with the former Premier who tested positive for the virus.

Raila’s Communication Director Denis Onyango confirmed the tests results and gave an update of his boss’s status noting that the latter recuperating well and is in high spirits.

“All those close to Raila, including family members, took a test and they have all tested negative…The former premier is okay and stable… All his family have tested negative; the family was not around when he arrived from the Coast,” he told a local daily.

On when the former Prime Minister could leave hospital, Onyango noted that this can only be determined by the doctors examining him.

He said all parties are interested in ensuring Raila recovers well and gets sufficient rest.

 “The decision on when he gets out of hospital rests entirely with his doctors. The concern is not just recovery; it is also about where he would be best able to get good rest, which nearly everyone agrees.”

Odinga was admitted at the Nairobi Hospital on Tuesday this week after complaining about fatigue.

He was subjected to thorough examination after which it was established that he had contracted Covid-19.

Prior to admission, Odinga had been traversing the country popularizing the BBI Bill. His last stop before the illness was in the Coastal region where he spent five days.