Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua on Sunday shared a snippet of how his administration in enhancing quality healthcare access in the county, noting that everyone has a right to access effective medical services.

“Provision and access of quality healthcare should be a right and not a privilege. Watch how we are doing it in Machakos County. Inawezekana na Itawezekana,” he tweetd while sharing a video.

In the video, he highlights some of the milestones his administration has achieved in regards to providing quality healthcare.

However, the video did not sit well with some netizens who felt that some things were amiss.

For instance, one tweep took issue with the statue outside the Machakos Level V hospital claiming that it belonged to a foreigner.

“Toa hio sculpture ya mzungu hapo ignorant man. Weka sura ya Mwafrika,” the tweep said.

Responding to the tweet, Mutua Said: “Which sculpture ya mzungu? The sculpture we have at the hospital is by a Kenyan artist and of is a Kenyan woman - Muafrika- ameinua mtoto and facing the Machakos Level 5 Maternity - the best in any public hospital in Kenya. Fungua macho yako uone uondoe ignorance AKA upumbavu.”

Another tweep claimed that hospitals in the county lacked medicine, a claim the governor vehemently denied.

“Hospitali hakuna ata gloves ata paracetamol hamna.... Tembea hospitali mheshimiwa uone vile wananchi wanateseka,” the user posted.

“Wacha zako. All is well. Maybe where you come from kuna shida. Kuja Machakos - we treat our people without charging anything & we are the only county with a Cancer Center where a treatment of even over 10 million shs is provided for FREE because to me, healthcare is a right,” Governor Mutua responded.

“Lets bet now...enda kangundo level 4 hospital uone vile wananchi wanaambiwa wanunue dawa, gloves, nakadhalika. mheshimiwa labda hujui BT sisi tuko huko tunajua,” The tweep dared Governor Mutua.