ODM leader Raila Odinga’s wife Mama Ida Odinga has opened up on how the family reacted to their dad’s illness, stating that it caused a scare.

According to Mama Ida, the entire family panicked when Odinga and his doctors decided to make his medical status public.

She, however, notes that messages of goodwill and phone calls from friends and family made the situation better.

Mama Ida has appealed to Kenyans to continue praying for the former Prime Minister as he recovers from home.

“We panicked a bit, but we thank God Baba is in a good mood and good health.

“He is out of the hospital. He is in good spirits and strong as ever. We need your prayers as he continues to take a rest from active physical engagements,” she said during an interview with a local daily.

Meanwhile, Raila was on Sunday discharged from the hospital after being admitted for four days.

In a video on his Twitter page, Odinga noted that it was great to be back home, adding that he’ll be isolating as advised by his doctors.

"Wonderful. It's so nice to be back at home. I was like in a prison back there. I like the fresh air. I can see the greens even though I'm still in isolation but I can atleast see nature," a jovial Odinga says.