Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu's son Brian Ndung'u Waititu was accused of driving a Toyota Probox on Muindi Mbingu Street under the influence on Monday at 1.30 am.

He was accused of being under the alcohol influence to an extent of being incapable of controlling the vehicle.

Ndung'u was on Monday fined Ksh30,000, failing which, he would serve three months in jail.

He asked senior principal magistrate Esther Kimilu for leniency saying that he is a first time offender.

"Your honour I plead for leniency before this court and I will not repeat the offence," Ndung'u told the court.


Last year NTSA resorted to re-introducing alcoblow tests in major towns in a bid to control road carnage.

NTSA expressed concern over a spike in accidents with most cases being attributed to drunk driving.

The National Police Service has been directed to undertake nationwide enforcement operations.