Tension has engulfed several villages in Mandera County after hungry baboons and monkeys attacked residents in search of food and water.

The county has not received rain for close to two years, thus making it hard for residents and the animals to access water and food.

Some residents are starving due to lack of food, with the situation becoming worse as the monkeys and baboons attack and snatch the little food they have.

Speaking to a local media house, one of the residents identified as Amran Hussein noted that the monkeys are aggressive and are known to snatch food from residents.

“Nyani wanatusumbua saa ile kuna ukame hapa…wanatunyang’anya chakula…saa zingine wanakuja jioni, saa zingine saa saba,”Amran said.

According to Mohammed Ali; Mandera County CEC in charge of Water and Sanitation, the wild animals are now a threat to women and children.

“Tukitembea tunaona hawa nyani wanapitia shida…wamekosa chakula…hao baboons hadi wanasababisha injury kwa wanawake na watoto,” Mr Ali opined.

The county and national government have been urged to drill boreholes to provide water for residents and animals in order to reduce the escalating conflict.

If the drought prevails, the situation could get worse leading to death of animals and worse livelihoods for the locals.