The family of veteran Luhya politician Martin Shikuku is locked in a fierce succession battle over his multi-million estate.

This after one of his wives and their children challenged a will presented by one of his sons, Emmanuel Shikuku, declaring him the sole heir of 100 acres of land in Kiminini and all the property on it.

Emmanuel is alleged to have forged the signatures of ODM Leader Raila Odinga and former Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) boss Richard Leakey, listing them as witnesses in the will.

The two are listed in the will that grants Emmanuel control over the parcel of land and power as an administrator of Shikuku's wealth.

File image of ODM Leader Raila Odinga and former Butere MP Martin Shikuku's widow Frida Nafuna Shikuku. |Photo| Courtesy|

Leakey has denied witnessing any will. Odinga is yet to deny or confirm witnessing the will.

The will gives Emmanuel full control of the late politician's estate and the power to evict anybody on the land.

Shikuku succumbed to prostate cancer on August 22, 2012, while undergoing treatment at the Texas Cancer Centre in Hurlingham, Nairobi.

The veteran politician was married to three wives; Dolly Achieng' Shikuku, Frida Nafuna Shikuku, and Beverlyn Ongecha Ngaah, and together they had 16 children.

Beverlyn, Dolly, and six children had died earlier.

It is alleged the late politician died without a will, but his son Emmanuel, who is from his first marriage claims that his father authored a letter on September 16, 1996 directing how his property would be shared.

The former Butere MP's surviving widow, Frida, challenged the letter stating that it was meant to deny the rest of the family their fair share of the estate.

She is supported by children, Stephen, Jacinta, Martha, and Jacob.

In his court papers, Emmanuel maintains that Shikuku only had one wife and that the orders issued by Justice Aggrey Muchelule cannot be challenged.

Stephen is seeking to be included as administrator to represent Frida's family while Jacob wants to represent Beverlyn's family.