KFCB Boss Dr Ezekiel Mutua has hit out at a section of netizens who’ve been tweeting about the Lee Funeral home in anticipation of a prominent person’s death.

For the better part of the day, the topic “Lee Funeral Home” has been trending on Twitter Kenya with some tweeps alleging that heavy police presence has been witnessed in the area; indicating that a prominent person has died and his/her body is expected there.

Some tweeps went a step further and started sharing names of likely prominent personalities who may have died.

Reacting to the trending topic, Dr Ezekiel Mutua hit out at the tweeps, noting that such a behavior signals a sick society.

He further noted that such unethical acts are always propagated by keyboards warriors who take advantage of social media’s anonymity.

“You know that our society is sick when people celebrate the death of others, even imagining the death of others and posting it on social media without any regard to their families. Our problems are deep. Hatuna utu. The worst lot are faceless simpletons in social media. Shame!” Mutua tweeted.

Meanwhile, a director at the funeral home has dismissed claims that the facility is hosting the body of a prominent person as alleged by netizens.

“I have gotten reports that there is an ex-president or another high profile individual at the home which I can confirm are not true… "There is no heightened security. We have just had a lot of activity due to deaths resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic,” the director said.