Health CAS Rashid Aman has advised Kenyans to wok from him if possible and minimize contact as Covid-19 numbers surge in Kenya.

Speaking on Tuesday, the CAS said it's the responsibility of every Kenyan to protect themselves from the pandemic by avoiding social gatherings.

"It is our responsibility as individuals to protect ourselves and to protect others by ensuring that we do not mingle in social gatherings, that we keep our distances. This is a time when we need to go back to the home and stay home when we can," the Health CAS said.

He also announced that the Covid-19 positivity rate now stands at 22.1%.

Covid In Kenya

He also called out health facilities taking advantage of the pandemic to profit.

“The responsibility of medical facilities and healthcare workers is to save lives, it is not to profiteer from ailing and poor Kenyans. This mentality of putting money ahead of our people's lives must stop. That is where other countries like India beat us” - said CAS Aman.

“I wish to remind our healthcare providers, both private and public, that we are in a pandemic, it is not the time to punish our people through some self-seeking, money-minting, opportunistic escapades."