Deputy President William Ruto has finally responded to his ouster as Jubilee Deputy Party Leader noting that there are some people filled with hatred and jealousy in the Kenyan political scene.

Speaking during an interview on Thursday morning, Ruto appeared to suggest that those behind his ouster are scared of his development track record.

He likened those behind his ouster to the Biblical Tobias who opposed the building of the Jericho wall, adding that his critics are spending a lot of time planning how to fight him, instead of coming up with ways of making Kenya better.

“Katika mambo haya ya siasa kuna watu amabao hawaoni yale mambo amayo yanaweza yakabadilisha Kenya. Kuna watu wa fitina na watu ambao mda wao hawatumii kupanga vile tunaweza kusonga mbele.

"Katika Biblia wakati Nehemiah alikua anajenga wall ya Jericho kulikuwa na jamaa anaitwa Tobias alikuwa anapiga makelele… so tuko na matobias katika hii siasa ambao tukiwa tunafanya kazi wanasema apana achana nah ii… acha tupigane na huyu…”he said in part.

DP Ruto was ousted as the Jubilee Deputy Party Leader a few weeks ago by the party’s National Management Committee.

The same was supposed to be ratified by Jubilee Party leader President Uhuru Kenyatta but reports indicate that the latter put the ouster report on hold.

According to Jubilee Party vice-chair David Murathe, the ouster was put on hold in honour of the late Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli.

“We have put everything on ice in honour of Magufuli and out of respect for our partnership with Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM). Everything is on hold until we finish mourning Magufuli.

“We are also waiting for further instructions on when a National Executive Council (NEC) meeting should be held because it is for the council to ratify, modify or reject. NMC has recommended he goes home,” Murathe said.