Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga on Thursday gave the state an excellent score in the containment of the coronavirus since March 2020.

Mr Odinga dwelt on the loss of funds at the in management of the Covid-19 saying he had been vindicated by the Auditor-General's report which confirmed lost of at least Ksh2.3 billion.

Raila came under sharp criticism after he asked leaders not to rush and condemn the state over the loss of funds in the KEMSA tendering and procurement processes pending an audit.

"Corruption must be condemned. At that time I said let us wait for a professional audit. We were talking about hundreds of millions, but now it is about Ksh2.3 billion.

"That is why I said don't condemn people unheard. Wherever we have been speaking, it was always after a professional audit," stated Mr Odinga.

He cited the famous maize scandal, the Goldenberg, anglo-leasing and the Grand Regency Hotel scandals which he argued that had only been spoken about after an audit.

"People have to answer. Some people have to face the music. These are people involved in graft. They have to pay for it," he went on.

According to the ODM leader, his cooperation with President Uhuru Kenyatta does not amount to changing his firm stand against corruption.

He said persons found guilty in the KEMSA scandal should be dealt with in accordance with the law regardless of their political affiliation, expressing fears that the Judiciary was a weak link in the war against graft.

"They are very quick to grant bail. The cases are never heard at all. Once the cases are in court, they go cold," stated the ODM leader.