The talk of Deputy President William Ruto working with ODM Leader Raila Odinga in 2022 appears to have split the DP's camp.

Leaders allied to the DP have raised different views regarding a possible coalition between the two leaders.

On one side led by Soy Member of Parliament Caleb Kositany, the leader dismissed the merger between the two, alleging that it might cost them followers in the Mount Kenya region.

File image of DP William Ruto and ODM Leader Raila Odinga. |Photo| Courtesy|

Kositany argued that the huge support the DP enjoys in the region is as a result of President Uhuru Kenyatta's decision to work with Odinga.

"Trust me, if we try and approach Raila today in the 2022 calculation we will lose our support base in Mount Kenya. In fact, the rebellion Uhuru is facing there is because of Raila, and as Team DP, we cannot risk that," Kositany stated.

"If Raila is brought on board we might lose our friends in Mount Kenya," Keiyo South MP Daniel Rono weighed in.

Emurrua Dikir MP Johanna Ng'eno on the other hand stated that the merger would give the DP a huge boost in the race to State House.

Ng'eno stated that there is still room for the two leaders to work together, forming a huge political vehicle like the one in 2007.

"If the president can work with the opposition leader then we cannot rule out the DP working with Raila in the coming elections. They once worked in the pentagon and they know each other well," Ng'eno stated.

Bomet Senator Christopher Lang'at stated that they had no problem working with the ODM leader provided he supports the DP's presidential bid.

"If anyone wants to join us, it is fine but not with the purpose of taking over power," Belgut MP Nelson Koech stated.