Police officers are looking for a landlady for allegedly locking up her tenant's children over rent arrears.

The woman is reportedly the widow of late Kabuchai politician Tale Nabangi.

Catherine Malaba allegedly welded both the front and back door while the two minors were inside the house.

The children were aged 10 and 3 years. Police said that the mother was away at work when the incident happened.

The tenant, identified as Violet Wanjala, said her business had been affected by the tough economic situation in the country.

Bungoma South OCS Moses Munywoki confirmed the incident noting that the landlady had expressed an inhuman act by locking helpless children up over rent.

Munywoki led other officers in breaking down the doors to free the children who had spent over five hours inside the building.

According to the OCS, the search for the landlady who is missing is ongoing.