Narc-Kenya Party leader Martha Karua has criticized President Uhuru Kenyatta and his government, for imposing a lockdown on five counties and announcing other tough measures to combat Covid-19 without providing an economic stimulus package for Kenyans.

In a statement on Monday, Karua noted while it is important to curb Covid-19, there are better ways the government should have gone about it, including adequate consultation before imposing the measures.

In view of the above, the Narc-Kenya leader has hit the president with seven demands she wants addressed in line with the new measures.

The seven demands by Narc-Kenya include; government taking over the cost of testing and treating Covid-19 in government facilities, increased testing and vaccination in infected areas, procurement of more vaccine, provision of food subsidies and money transfer to the vulnerable, faster investigation of Covid-19 related corruption and institution of an economic stimulus package to cushion Kenyans on the negative effects of the lockdown.

“While almost all of the top political leaders are on government salary or stipend, the ordinary citizens are on their own to face the stark realities of the lockdown and shoulder the burden of its brutal economic consequences,” Karua’s statement read in part.

Meanwhile, several other leaders have criticized the Head of State for announcing the new measures without having an economic stimulus package to cushion Kenyans.

Senator Millicent Omanga recently termed the new measures as “immoral”.